HENI Vault

Safely store your HENI Editions with HENI

No place to hang your artwork?
Need your artwork stored until you decide where it goes?

HENI Leviathan is pleased to be able to offer storage of your HENI Editions at the point of purchase for our new drops. Artworks will be stored in fine art storage, in a climate-controlled unit, here in the UK. With fully customs-bonded status, our art warehouse unit offers a special temporary storage area for items under bond. This allows you to store works before customs duties arise allowing you time to decide where your artwork goes.

Storage Fee:

$15/month per artwork – charged monthly.*

*15€/month if artwork is priced in €


How it works

You will pay $15 per month* per artwork for storage. There is no limit on how many you may store with HENI.

*15€/month if artwork is priced in €

You must add all of your items to The Vault from a single order. You may make a separate order for non Vault items.

Storage is currently available for new HENI drops only, once you have selected the items you wish to buy from a new drop, in checkout simply select “Add to Vault” and all your items will be selected for the Vault.

Your shipping costs will be deducted from the final total and your invoice will be zero-rated for VAT or customs duties due to entry into the bonded warehouse. Shipping costs and appropriate taxes will be calculated and payable by you when you remove an artwork from The Vault.

Buyers wishing to pay for their storage in Cryptocurrency will receive invoices by email for payment. Please see Cryptocurrency FAQs for further details on how to pay.

As some new drops are made after the sale finishes, due to timed edition run, we will not begin storage costs until the artworks reach the fine art warehouse. This may be up to 2 to 3 months after purchase and you will be contacted before payments begin so that you are aware storage costs are about to kick in. Storage is billed monthly.

You need to store artworks in The Vault for a minimum period of 3 months from arrival to the vault. After this date, we require 2 week’s notice to withdraw the work from storage. There is a minimum charge of 3 months.

By giving us notice by email, you may withdraw artworks at any time from The Vault, either individually or all together if you are storing multiple items. There is a $25 release and handling fee, per artwork, and we will follow strict security checks before releasing an artwork.

Artworks will be shipped via DHL, with shipping costs to be calculated once delivery address is supplied. VAT or customs duties will be calculated and payable by you at this time.

The works can be shipped to any recipient or address worldwide; however we will follow strict security checks before releasing any artworks.