Damien Hirst’s ‘Cafe Royal’ (2018) sets a kaleidoscopic palette of spots against a black background to create a deeply intricate composition. The present facsimile, a diasec-mounted giclée print on aluminium panel of unparalleled quality, is derived from an original painting from the ‘Colour Space’ series (2016). Breaking down the logic of his ‘Spots’, these works champion imperfection and chance by randomly arranging the spots and conferring them with spontaneous choices of colour.

‘Cafe Royal’ captivates through its seemingly infinite number of tiny spots which cover the near entirety of the visual field and apparently extend beyond its limits. Unlike the construction of his ‘Spots’ works, the present work allows the spots to touch and even overlap, informing a sense of movement and life. The smallness of these spots and the distinct number of them recall atomic particles which similarly reverberate with life and energy.

Such life is emphasised by the established contrasts, the black background enhancing the vibrancy of colour. Too, against the black background unintentional swirling and circular patterns emerge like a mosaic, the spots appearing like intricate tesserae which compose this positively enveloping composition.




90 x 90 cm


Diasec-mounted Giclée print on aluminium composite panel

Edition Size

100 + 10 AP

Publication Year



Signed and numbered on the reverse


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