Damien Hirst’s ‘Psalm Print: Domini Est Terra’ (2010) is an awe‐inspiring silkscreen which emerged
from his celebrated ‘Psalm Paintings’ series, begun in 2008. The brilliant wings of variously coloured
and patterned butterflies define the intricately arranged composition as they emanate out from the
centre in a mosaic‐like pattern. Set against a green background on circular paper, the composition
closely recalls a slowly turning kaleidoscope which simultaneously arrests and disorients the viewer.

Butterflies, one of Hirst’s best‐known motifs, is used in ‘Psalm Print: Domini Est Terra’ to explore the
relationships between art and nature, science and religion, life and beauty. With the organisation of
butterflies inspired by a Victorian tea tray, the silkscreen, which contains no real butterflies, also
echoes his longstanding interest in natural history.

All works from the ‘Psalm’ series is given a Latin title after a different Psalm from the Old Testament,
short prayers that can be considered both great texts and beautiful works of art. This connection in
‘Psalm Print: Domini Est Terra’ to religion reflects Hirst’s interest in the butterfly motif as spiritual
symbols, having been used by the Greeks to depict Psyche, the soul, and in Christian imagery to
signify the resurrection.


74 x 71.5 cm


Silkscreen with glaze on paper

Edition Size

25 + 10 AP


Signed & numbered on the front


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