HENI is proud to present the Paper Blossoms Frame, designed specifically to display the Paper Blossoms paintings by Damien Hirst. Since the launch of Paper Blossoms, we’ve received many requests for a custom-made framing solution that protects the artwork while allowing it to be displayed in the best possible way. This transparent acrylic case envelops the front and sides of the painting without obstructing views of the thick, tactile layers of paint that characterise the Paper Blossoms series. The case is affixed to a sprayed MDF base, angled at the edge to allow it to be hung with a split batten (not provided). A transparent acrylic window at the rear of the frame provides a clear view of the back of the work, where each painting has been titled and signed by Damien Hirst. The frames are 98% UVA protective.

The Paper Blossoms Frame is available in two sizes, designed to fit the large and small Paper Blossoms paintings respectively. The large frame measures 86.3 x 61.6 x 65 cm and is priced at US $900. The small frame measures 61.6 x 44.2 x 65 cm and is priced at US $600. Both frames can be purchased through HENI Leviathan. Customers who have not yet been sent their Paper Blossoms painting can add the frame to their order and receive the work framed without incurring additional shipping charges.

Please note that only the frame is being sold here. The physical artworks are not included.

Frame Size


Frame Weights

Large: 6.20 kg Small: 3.45 kg


MDF sprayed base with acrylic window to view back of work.

UV Protection

98% UV protective


Angle on edge of base allows for hanging via a split batten (not provided).

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